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Who Is COMA?

Since 1972, the Coalition of Mexican American Organizations has been proud of orchestrating the many efforts implemented to bridge and build a stronger community. This Latino/a-based coalition is a body reflective of organizations, businesses, projects, and individuals; in other words, your voice is the heart of this organization.

Collectively the vision of the membership offers an opportunity to address concerns of importance to assimilated and none-assimilated Latinos; as well as the greater community. You are a stakeholder in ensuring equality. The Coalition offers the round table discussion to continue and strengthen inclusiveness in San Joaquin County.

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Fostering Relationships

As we work together to continue the legacy of those who set the groundwork for us to enjoy the San Joaquin County of today. It is up to us to continue building and fostering relationships of equality for the betterment of our society, families, and most importantly the next generation.

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